Slimming World Vs GI (glycaemic index) : Battle Of The Diets

I am a big fan of the GI diet (Glycaemic Index) which has steadied my sugar cravings, my weight and my mood for the last ten years. In terms of skin care, I also strongly believe that what you put in your body is just as important (if not more so) than what creams you put on your face. When Sam, a colleague, asked me to help her lose weight, she also agreed to let me blog about her weight loss. Soon after her partner James also decided to lose weight, but he chose Slimming World instead– let battle commence!

Slimming World is quite different to GI in relation to carbs. Rice, bread, pasta and potatoes are portion controlled on GI, (I encourage clients to fill up on protein and veg instead), whereas Slimming World encourages them as ‘free foods’ which fill you up. I disagree – they raise blood sugar levels which encourages cravings and overeating.


Sam blamed her overeating on habit rather than cravings, but she seemed so reluctant to cut down that I suspected she loves her food and eats for pure pleasure. The catalyst for change was feeling out of breath after playing with her young son Louis and then she started to worry about her health. As is quite common with food lovers, she soon becomes bored and never sticks to diets for very long although several years ago she did lose a lot of weight on Slimmers World, but gradually put the weight back on. This does not surprise me. Food lovers find keeping the weight off far more difficult than those who overeat due to stress, anxiety or just as a treat to perk themselves up. Sam’s eyes lit up when she talked about food and I suspected she would resent having to give it up and soon get bored of healthy eating. What Sam saw as habit, I saw as addiction.

Sam asked me to explain my version of the GI diet to her and I knew it would be perfect for her. I explained that GI isn’t a weight loss diet as such but people often find that they lose weight because they are eating more healthily. Controlling blood sugar levels controls cravings. She never admitted to any cravings (she prefers savoury than sweet) but I think this was because constant grazing never allowed her to become hungry enough for cravings!

She is also very competitive with her partner James to see who can lose the most weight. James is doing Slimming World. He does however go out for runs several nights a week and is threatening to sell Sam’s cross trainer unless she starts using it; Sam tells me that looking after a toddler and working leaves her with no free time; any free time is precious and she spends it with her son.


5ft 2”

Chest 126 cm

Waist 114cm

Under chest 102cm

Hips 140cm

Starting weight: May 2017: 17st 13:

Sam decided not to weigh herself again until her birthday


James started Slimming World a few months after Sam and now Sam goes along with him just for the weigh in. Unlike Sam, James has a sweet tooth.

Starting weight 17/8/16 15st 02


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