About Me

BC03525F-E482-4918-8E41-32D4FBEE762BMy own beauty quest started in 1992 when I was introduced to the anti-ageing power of UVA sunblock. This skin-saving tip came courtesy of a beauty therapist who lived opposite me in the Halls of Residence at Liverpool University; she was studying occupational therapy, whilst I was studying English Literature. I had no idea what happened to her, but she left a big impression. After university, I got sacked from a string of office jobs until my brother gently suggested retraining as a beauty therapist. Although the repeated sackings knocked my confidence and led to depression and anxiety, they also helped me discover the link between not just diet and anxiety levels, but also diet and skincare. Now I follow the GI diet as I strongly believe that what you put in your body is just as important (if not more so) than what you put on your face. I also try and combine it with the acid/alkaline diet, but that isn’t always easy!

As a beauty therapist, I am often bemused by the smoke and mirrors of the beauty world, whether it’s ‘miracle’ anti-ageing potions or ageless celebs secretly bingeing on botox; my clients however are downright confused. So I have decided to share my insider secrets from my last fifteen years in the beauty industry. This blog is for anyone looking for independent advice, whether you need the name of a reputable surgeon or dermatologist or simply tailored skincare advice.